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Kassidy Hurt
2023 anyone?
Comment from : Kassidy Hurt

Find Light In A New Page
I can relate this to my anorexia more than I should
Comment from : Find Light In A New Page

Mikey Cowley
Goodnight Fluffles
Comment from : Mikey Cowley

Zachary Volquardts
I love the song but a 30 second ad that couldn’t be skipped NO!!!
Comment from : Zachary Volquardts

This song because it reminds me of the game, halo
Comment from : Kidchaos

Hi Peeps
I can only sing to 0:49
Comment from : Hi Peeps

xvizes_ swayx
this so sad I'm crying
Comment from : xvizes_ swayx

Melissa Moore
i love this song
Comment from : Melissa Moore

Babyfacelondyn Babyfacelondyn
This is my song
Comment from : Babyfacelondyn Babyfacelondyn

Sarah Pearle
My friends and I code name for my crush is Halo and whenever I listen to this all I can think abt is him. Ask u can see it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m obv in my feels...
Comment from : Sarah Pearle

10 000 Abonnés Challenge
February 2020


Comment from : 10 000 Abonnés Challenge

Michelle Gilliam
I love you and 😇🍑🍆🍓
Comment from : Michelle Gilliam

Comment from : kaeglove

Tonya Murray
One of the most beautifulist songs I heard it's so heartfelt
Comment from : Tonya Murray

Itzy Sam
Llege para aprenderme la letra
Que recuerdos 😓✌🏻

Comment from : Itzy Sam

MaryMadison Toalei
Comment from : MaryMadison Toalei

Christiangamer 10
This song is stupid believer is better
Comment from : Christiangamer 10

Jermarcus Williams
Bars what the fuck u putting down fam
Comment from : Jermarcus Williams

Sadia Bhayla
This song reminds me of castial and Dean Winchester from supernatural if there is any hardcore fans here like me like this
Comment from : Sadia Bhayla

ThatVlogger Izzy
Mamba out ✌🏼🐐🐍🕊🏀💔❤😪😥
Comment from : ThatVlogger Izzy

Milijard Milijard
2020 - this song reminds my childhood I still love it so much 😞😍
Comment from : Milijard Milijard

Delis Diaz
😇❤️ Miss you✌️💋
Comment from : Delis Diaz

Delis Diaz
2020 ❤️❤️❤️💋❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Delis Diaz

Wena Alia
1:37 hit me like a ray of sun burning through my darkest night you're the only one that i want think im addicted to your light
Comment from : Wena Alia

R.I.P my dogs cyrs
Comment from : Saturn3356

M. M.
Comment from : M. M.

Mykaelly samara
Comment from : Mykaelly samara

Urban Segerqvist
2009, 2020 2012, 2015 2034??
Comment from : Urban Segerqvist

dHa Rai
It's 2020
But this song still a fire

Comment from : dHa Rai

Donita Miller
I love it
Comment from : Donita Miller

schoko banni0987
Es ist ein tolles Lied 😔😔😔❤️
Comment from : schoko banni0987

3rd challenger David
What you came for

Comment from : 3rd challenger David

Mandi Malcolm
Dude I’m clearly listening to this in 2020
Comment from : Mandi Malcolm

The Indian Squad

This was only made a bit after I was born 😳

Comment from : The Indian Squad

Liz and Ari☁️💕☁️
Y’all talkin about 1:37 but I’m here for 3:04
Comment from : Liz and Ari☁️💕☁️

Omg this song is one of my favourite s it is amazing im tottaly going to smash that like Button
Comment from : HHB TV KIDS SHOW

Sophia Enlove
Comment from : Sophia Enlove

Sophia Enlove
you look like one too
Comment from : Sophia Enlove

Lia M
Don't take this the wrong way, please, but why is everyone talking about dead people. But i'm so sorry for those people. I will think of them evryday.
Comment from : Lia M

I couldn’t think of a name
Comment from : I couldn’t think of a name

Igor Error2890
ill do anything to protect youtube that’s what youtubers do right?

Me the great Igor error2890 also the logo inkfell sans I promised that I watched this video in 2020 instead of coming back here and writing this only.

WrItEn by Igor error of course

Comment from : Igor Error2890

Jessica Bell
My cousin is named after this song. 😇
Comment from : Jessica Bell

Gareema Goel
11 years and somehow I love this song even more than I previously did...
Comment from : Gareema Goel

Liz and Ari☁️💕☁️
This song now reminds me of Kobe and Gigi because of an edit i saw of them on tiktok, Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi, you were my inspiration to try more hard on basketball and everything else.
Comment from : Liz and Ari☁️💕☁️

Krystal Esparza
That's an Angel's song😍😍😂💗
Comment from : Krystal Esparza

Razan Maghrabi
Comment from : Razan Maghrabi

the popo king 2004
Comment from : the popo king 2004

LifeWLuhhKass TM
Comment from : LifeWLuhhKass TM

Jyoti Kumar
That song is just👌
Comment from : Jyoti Kumar

john clements
NnNo comme
Comment from : john clements

Antoine Ashawasagai
Since everyone is talking about people they lost here gos my so i just lost my hamster today he was 1 years old and 18 weeks old he was my best friend i miss you so much pls pray for him 1-1-2020💙💖💜 fly high hammie miss my bestie 💖
Comment from : Antoine Ashawasagai

Comment from : juul-iet

Safiyah Coffey
Comment from : Safiyah Coffey

Lil Chris
R.I.P. kobe bryant and gigi 😭😥💔I cant believe they’re gone
Comment from : Lil Chris

Digital Girl
Comment from : Digital Girl

Glitter Sparkle1
R.I.P Kobe and Gigi Bryant 💔🕊
Comment from : Glitter Sparkle1

Megan M
Me thinking about Kobe
Comment from : Megan M

Suga kookie
Comment from : Suga kookie

Hayley Testa
You know Beyoncé farts
Comment from : Hayley Testa

Samara Monteiro
Amo demais
Comment from : Samara Monteiro

anuka khatri
2021 here
Comment from : anuka khatri

Ella Katz
Stop saying like if you’re here in 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
We are, and we will never stop

Comment from : Ella Katz

Zara Taying
I love Beyonce, 😍😍😍
Comment from : Zara Taying

mia Lopez
Rip 2020 I hate you it's not going to be fun first Donald Trump trying to start world war 3 then Kobe Bryant died 💜💛💜💛💜💛
Comment from : mia Lopez

midnight falls
Comment from : midnight falls

Craig J. Davies
"Pray without ceasing. Brethren, pray for us. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all."
~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17, 25 & 28 📖
To my beloved brothers & sisters in Christ, in an hour I am about to spend some quiet time with the Lord in prayer, is there anything you wish me to pray for? If so, send me your request and I will pray for you to God in Jesus' name, God Bless you all in Jesus' precious name, Amen!

Comment from : Craig J. Davies

Veronica Peiu
Came to listen to this tune after watching The Young Pope , episode 7 .
Comment from : Veronica Peiu

Breanna Sayoc
This song is Kobe and his daughter💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛
Comment from : Breanna Sayoc

This hits close to home, my aunt died of complications😭 R.i.p aunt Susie😓

protecty Andres
My dad died in a .........
Comment from : protecty Andres

Jaxon Checkosis
2020 its hear
Comment from : Jaxon Checkosis

im making an edit for Kobe and Gigi 🐐🐐 😭😭
Comment from : qch1on

Abigail Albert
listening for kobe 😭🌺💞💞💞
Comment from : Abigail Albert

Amaria Williams
R.I.P Kobe Bryant and Gianna/gigi
Comment from : Amaria Williams

Lizeth Castillo 14
Kobe and Gianna Bryant 🕊️😭🙏🏼#2 #24 2020
Comment from : Lizeth Castillo 14

Abbey Aguilar
Kobe Bryant legend 🕊💜💛
Comment from : Abbey Aguilar

Jean-Ernst Cantave
Comment from : Jean-Ernst Cantave

Jean-Ernst Cantave
I love this song
Comment from : Jean-Ernst Cantave

Aidan Williams
RIP kobe
Comment from : Aidan Williams

Emily's Extravaganza
I'm Tring not to cry in front of my mum but I can't stand it
Comment from : Emily's Extravaganza

dom b
I'm listening to this in 2009 right now!!
Comment from : dom b

XDLiTtLeLuNaXD _Gaming
It's sad that there are so many good songs from like 2009 and that that I have only heard of 2019-2020. I mean like where have I been!?
Comment from : XDLiTtLeLuNaXD _Gaming

love ammerah,paul,jeddah navalua
I am the only one watchuh ng this on 2020
Comment from : love ammerah,paul,jeddah navalua

ocaen Tate
Hi Whiteny ocaen call me Marion Daddy
Comment from : ocaen Tate

R.i.p cameron boyce
Comment from : TorisBelen

Adela Heath
Comment from : Adela Heath

Raymand Hudnell
#Longlivemarr my big cuz died at 16
Comment from : Raymand Hudnell

Vlog Qc
Une fille inoubliable?
Comment from : Vlog Qc

Francesca Timeo
Rip cameron boyce😭🙏❤️💔
Comment from : Francesca Timeo


Lina Luisa Sebastiao
2020♥️ não me canso desse música
Comment from : Lina Luisa Sebastiao

austin m
When her voice actually sounded good now she is controlled by the music industry like crazy and is getting worse every year lol
Comment from : austin m

Lacey Pickerinh
Cool song lovely voice 👌👌👌👌
Comment from : Lacey Pickerinh

Karla May Gepilango
Comment from : Karla May Gepilango

Wintana Haile Fröknegårdskolan 7E
1:37 you are thinking about tik tok
Comment from : Wintana Haile Fröknegårdskolan 7E

Jad Tarhini
Comment from : Jad Tarhini

Shalini Narine
Comment from : Shalini Narine

Sherlyn Zavala
I wasnt born yet
Comment from : Sherlyn Zavala

ceejay kara
Who's listening in 2020 20th January
Comment from : ceejay kara

Euphoria’s Smile
10 years, and I’m still bopping
Comment from : Euphoria’s Smile

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