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James McAvey
I also hope you can succeed in this world
I sincerely hope

Comment from : James McAvey

People in the comment acting they are depressed thinking it’s cool to be.
Comment from : Kost

UP thekoxkuba
U is on the hype in poland youtube
Comment from : UP thekoxkuba

roselin math
The bgm ❤❤❤
Comment from : roselin math

Help Me
The amount of times I cried during this
Comment from : Help Me

Michael Cruz
This song sucks though 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Michael Cruz

James McAvey
God bless you all accidentally discovered the truth damn it damn!
Comment from : James McAvey

Infinite Nightcore
I love this song I can't stop listening to it.
Comment from : Infinite Nightcore

not to say she doesn't sound great in this but this is basically writing's on the wall x I'd love to change the world
Comment from : sardonik

Comment from : Toni

Anas Elsaba
listen to this and tell your opinion "has been translated"

Comment from : Anas Elsaba

Laura O’Looney
I own my blood
Comment from : Laura O’Looney

James McAvey
Don't like to talk straight
Damn good leave 🤢

Comment from : James McAvey

Hate to say it this is the worst one
Comment from : Fa_coxy

10s in and my heart's already sad and broken
Comment from : Penguin.Potato

Cassandra Rmn
Comment from : Cassandra Rmn

Gacha Unicorn Girl
At first glance it looks like bebe Rexha, I knew it was billie but just saying my POV
Comment from : Gacha Unicorn Girl

Bachir Fachtali
Billie : yes
Producer : I didn’t even ask anything yet.

Comment from : Bachir Fachtali

Wiyada Hongtong
I miss the guy who opened this song for me. Now I open it all the time several times a day so I can feel that he is with me. The love that has distance as a device is so cruel. I hope to see you again soon. M 💕
Comment from : Wiyada Hongtong

Eilish soundxx
3:21 i cried
Comment from : Eilish soundxx

I don’t know why I don’t like her singing.
Comment from : ReknLive

Arctic Cold
The best song of all times! Billie, you impress me every single day and night!👏🏻❤❤❤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤
Comment from : Arctic Cold

Duné Du toit
That belt was amazing
Comment from : Duné Du toit

Sô Phanh
You so beautiful ❤️
Comment from : Sô Phanh

Charlene Pinto
I'm really loving this ❤
Comment from : Charlene Pinto

Syifa Iza
Samo umur gg ito acak soro wih
Comment from : Syifa Iza

Gary R
Been a Bond fan over 40 years and I thought this was a dreadful song for a Bond film. Maybe I'm just old school.
Comment from : Gary R

TheKingAlexandrius Wöhrer
Autotune regelt
Comment from : TheKingAlexandrius Wöhrer

John Prescott
I was not expecting to like this latest theme song but I really love it! Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell have come up with the perfect "Bond" song. Right from the beginning it grabs you and the simple hook and occasional artful references to the traditional Bond theme chords make it stand out. Possibly on of the best Bond Themes ever?
Comment from : John Prescott

David Buzgau
This is garbage
Comment from : David Buzgau

CöłłāR ChæŇ
Billie Omg :0
Comment from : CöłłāR ChæŇ

ahmed Spider
3:05 chills there not just time to die. Great effort❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : ahmed Spider

They are actually planning to make this trash the 007 theme song? What an absolutely nosedive from Skyfall and writing on the wall its embarassing. I actually though this girl was a meme when she first came out.
Comment from : J C-K

Martina Migliaro
looool i love this <3
Comment from : Martina Migliaro

Juulz Shop
love this song💓
Comment from : Juulz Shop

no name no name
Billie Eillish : No time to die
God : Yes

Comment from : no name no name

Diana Afonichkina
есть кто из россии?)
Comment from : Diana Afonichkina

per win
Her voice is cool and beautiful.
Comment from : per win

Gianluigi Manso
I love this song❤❤
Comment from : Gianluigi Manso

Who else got goosebumps?😳
Comment from : Amanda

Taras K
Worst bond song so far
Comment from : Taras K

takie rzeczy na karcie na czasie to ja moge sluchac, a nie jakies polskie wiechecie
Comment from : sander_

Claudia Salinas Bautista
Comment from : Claudia Salinas Bautista

Franck Horrigun
хуета по сравнению с прошлыми 4мя фильмами.
Comment from : Franck Horrigun

Y love you billie Eilish 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️💚💚🖤🖤😭😢😩
Comment from : bitchesbrokenheart

Jovana Pejcic
Cool music!!!
Comment from : Jovana Pejcic

Vanessa Oliveira
Aiiiiiiiiii meu amor ❤️❤️🇧🇷
Comment from : Vanessa Oliveira

Kostas Maggolas
Overrated tbh , billie , you ll never be lana
Comment from : Kostas Maggolas

Comment from : serena

Robin Bjornberg
bad song¨
Comment from : Robin Bjornberg

Comment from : Dooler

Comment from : denis

Abe Halterman
Comment from : Abe Halterman

3:50 that never gets old
Comment from : Grid

Yingying Zhu
Y’all reckon she’ll sing this on tour?
Comment from : Yingying Zhu

Gezellig zingen
I knwo U don't read comments anymore but...this...goosebumps... sooo good!
Comment from : Gezellig zingen

Billie is incredible.
Comment from : GhostLucifer

Aymen hadj
halla halla habibti du savnet ring til mig når du har tid aa
Comment from : Aymen hadj

That's is horrible song. I can't believe that it's gonna be in next bond-movie. 0/5🤮🤢
Comment from : Pikkumyy

ทําอาหารบ้านๆ สไตล์วันไหน
I love that song is amazing..
(From Thailand ประเทศไทย )

Comment from : ทําอาหารบ้านๆ สไตล์วันไหน

Ana Pavlović
She sooo beautiful on pic😩😻
Comment from : Ana Pavlović

Sophia C
Every 14 year old girl: I want to die

Their leader: NO TIME TO DIE

Comment from : Sophia C

im sorry but the 007 looks like oof and i read the title as "no time to oof"
Comment from : riley

Kalle Laakso
Turned out way better than I thought. Good job!
Comment from : Kalle Laakso

Uh Red black
Comment from : Uh Red black

Clay Will Swift
a fast bpm could be great
Comment from : Clay Will Swift

Vishnu Rajeev
I’m from the future, Billie gets her first oscar nomination for this song
Comment from : Vishnu Rajeev

LMT Vlog
Comment from : LMT Vlog

b l u e m o o n
Literrally every song she makes is +AMAZING+
LuV ThIs SoNg Uwuz

Comment from : b l u e m o o n

Bond ended up at Goldeneye
Comment from : Cap'nCook

when you realise that the melody of the song is a slowed version of baby shark😳😳
Comment from : ZT

Hope you get so much success in your life.THANKYOU
Comment from : LEGEND GAMING

Martina Burazović
Billie :there's no time to die
Me:wooooooooooow 👏👏

Comment from : Martina Burazović

I LoVe KaRaMElKa Kara Kara Karamelka
Кто русский? И кто тоже слушает Билли?
Comment from : I LoVe KaRaMElKa Kara Kara Karamelka

The Auto Channel
Comment from : The Auto Channel

Melanie Margetanski
I really love this song and the instrumentation is fab
Comment from : Melanie Margetanski

UI Zixy
The beat goes hard. But she sounds lile shes being beat by her dad and forced to make music. She sounds like she doesnt enjoy doing it. But also sounds like 100 kittens being ran over by a 18 wheeler while also being beaten to near death by a wood bat.
Comment from : UI Zixy

Desislava Milanova
It’s like a film song
Comment from : Desislava Milanova

Ulu Petersen
Comment from : Ulu Petersen

luca polle
Jesus Christ these jokes need to stop they aren’t even funny
Comment from : luca polle

Did she die? Cuz it said it did if you search it up
Comment from : JoshtheBoss422

can't wait to hear this in the opening. all the james bond opening songs are awesome!
Comment from : phlavoured

cat Lloydo
Love it.
Comment from : cat Lloydo

My sister and me we love you soooo much keep it up we love you Billy elish😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍
Comment from : Chelsey SURPRISE

لوجين علي
اكو عرب بالطياره
Comment from : لوجين علي

Sushi Face007
I read the name as no time to oof die
Comment from : Sushi Face007

Maya Shawaz
Billie: there’s just no time to die.

Comment from : Maya Shawaz

jonathan webb
Comment from : jonathan webb

M Hasib
What a boring song
Comment from : M Hasib

Ker Moon
I dripped from the song
Comment from : Ker Moon

danielle dubinskaya
adele’s skyfall. 😒
Comment from : danielle dubinskaya

Jenya Potterhead
She at 18: have 5 grammies and sing James bond title song
Me at 15 : looking when the light in the fridge goes off

Comment from : Jenya Potterhead

Pysia Pysialska
3:00 love
Comment from : Pysia Pysialska

Pysia Pysialska
Loooooovvvvveeee it !
Billie this is fucking good ! Perfecttttt

Comment from : Pysia Pysialska

DJ Yianjeo
Comment from : DJ Yianjeo

Rak'm Sil:ou
i hate that they take a soundtrack by someone whos famous at the moment, meaning that it brings more cash, as it was with adele and sam smith. the soundtracks are good, not questioning that, but its so obvious. im not trying to hate on billie or anyone, its just that radioheads entry for spectre was so damn fine and i dont think there will ever be an artist like chris cornell for a james bond soundtrack again.
Comment from : Rak'm Sil:ou

Stefan Stojanovic
Nice remix from Writtinig on the wall
Comment from : Stefan Stojanovic

Dripping Cherry’
This would have fitted so welllll in vampire diaries 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔’
Comment from : Dripping Cherry’

Pixel Paranoid
Grass type gym leader theme song
Comment from : Pixel Paranoid

YhungBen Lo
Im very picky about music and i don't really listen to billy but this song gave me chills in my spine!
Glad that i clicked

Comment from : YhungBen Lo

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