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روان العلي
Comment from : روان العلي

DiKas channel video
Comment from : DiKas channel video

Udson Jesus da Veiga
Comment from : Udson Jesus da Veiga

Udson Jesus da Veiga
Oh my God ! ❤️
Comment from : Udson Jesus da Veiga

Theresa Klo Kiazolu
78 miserable souls
Comment from : Theresa Klo Kiazolu

C Hlupuii
i love it☺☺☺👍👌
Comment from : C Hlupuii

Danilo Dumaguete
Ang galing ng tnt idol
Comment from : Danilo Dumaguete

Kelly Santos
Comment from : Kelly Santos

Annakay Howell
awwwwww so sweet
Comment from : Annakay Howell

Jrise Breezy
Its ok. So many mistakes. I dont even wanna hear that excuse “oh there just kids” they hit some of the notes. There riff is all over the place. They need guidance. Especially from jesus
Comment from : Jrise Breezy

NethelyCamz Lyngdoh
Comment from : NethelyCamz Lyngdoh

Valexas secret
Wow!These Boys are Amazing...This touches my Heart. ♡ At 1.42 I'm shocked!😍
Comment from : Valexas secret

morgana arielle
Strunning ❤👏
Comment from : morgana arielle


Caroline Tjore
Comment from : Caroline Tjore

Vasiliki Chalkidou
Omggg i got goosebumps
Comment from : Vasiliki Chalkidou

Eiy Sain
Comment from : Eiy Sain

Better than the original no offence to Beyoncé like she’s great n all but cmon they killed this song
Comment from : danielle2322

dimas p.
1:01 best
Comment from : dimas p.

Sarah A
Steve's reactions topped it all off🙌🙌
Comment from : Sarah A

King Adam
Those boys are e sensation💖💖💖
Comment from : King Adam

Leezy Girly
Comment from : Leezy Girly

Lina Marianny Ramirez Copete
Comment from : Lina Marianny Ramirez Copete

Nombuso Mkhize
Love you guys l am 11 years
Comment from : Nombuso Mkhize

Vale dos Suicidas
lindos 😍😍
Comment from : Vale dos Suicidas

mamen lub
so amazing
Comment from : mamen lub

Christina Xoxo
I have goosebumps 🤯❤️
Comment from : Christina Xoxo

Sharon Fred
OMG ..... all I can say is OMG ........ now I know why Michael Jackson say"" I'm speechless.... I love you 3
Comment from : Sharon Fred

Felipe de Macedo
ILove You❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Felipe de Macedo

Aninha Guimarães
Comment from : Aninha Guimarães

Clara Britto
Comment from : Clara Britto

How can they do this?! 💙💙 love ya boys
Comment from : crudites

Alyssa Rogers
I fr got goosebumps listening to these kids! 😭😭😭🙏🏻❤️
Comment from : Alyssa Rogers

Amaliah nur Fadillah
i love you keifer 😙😙
Comment from : Amaliah nur Fadillah

Juan Guzman
Waoooo! They are amazing. 😍 ..
Comment from : Juan Guzman

rararani_m april
Comment from : rararani_m april

Oliwia Bryla
1:43 Replay Button
Comment from : Oliwia Bryla

fernelina mendez
Keifer sanchez my favorit😘😘😘😘😘
Comment from : fernelina mendez

Jose Vergara
Oooooooooooooh MY Gooooooooooooooooood! So beautiful.
Comment from : Jose Vergara

Firyal SAB
Comment from : Firyal SAB

Fuyuu C
Mga anak ko yan😭💕


Comment from : Fuyuu C

Sour Apple
So good
Comment from : Sour Apple

Ulisses Brito
Comment from : Ulisses Brito

Corazon Nisperos
even james charles couldn't do it like these boys could.
Comment from : Corazon Nisperos

Merisha Ramdam
I'm shook😍
Comment from : Merisha Ramdam

smiley happyyyyy
Comment from : Félix MAITRE

NoFreak NoOTaku
Comment from : NoFreak NoOTaku

Jake Plays
Filipino os so talented
Comment from : Jake Plays

Oh my god, this is amazing
Comment from : —

You candoit
Comment from : You candoit

Milo D' Agostino
Their voice are amazing
Comment from : Milo D' Agostino

Rave Tiro
Charice used to sing this song 😥😢 but im happy for you boys keep it up
(sorry for my bad english)

Comment from : Rave Tiro

Tilda Amelie
How old???😍😍
Comment from : Tilda Amelie

Rahy Sillva
Gente como assim?😱😱😱❤❤❤ slc 😱❤❤❤
Comment from : Rahy Sillva

Chloe Gittens
Amazing omg ❤️❤️❤️😩
Comment from : Chloe Gittens

lowis Marbun
woww amazing...
Comment from : lowis Marbun

Destiana Natali
verry good,good job boys
Comment from : Destiana Natali

siriwat chaicharoen
Comment from : siriwat chaicharoen

Namatama Taba
Who disliked this?
Comment from : Namatama Taba

Kevin Sahat Parsaulian
Terimakasih sudah memberi telinga saya suara indah kalian, boys will be the boys bruh !
Comment from : Kevin Sahat Parsaulian

Łukasz Szatkowski
😱😱😱 I love this song myself for the lyrics all of us can find relate. The pauses those boys made during performance was awesome. I love it 😍
Comment from : Łukasz Szatkowski

Mitha Pamilangan
Dari mana asal nya .keren suara nya
Comment from : Mitha Pamilangan

Janet Scott
Awesome talent
Comment from : Janet Scott

fardan nedoeci
Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start but can't complete

Listen to the sound from deep within
Its only beginning to find release

Oh the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own, all 'cause you won't listen

Listen, I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say what's on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened

There was someone here inside
Someone I thought had died
So long ago
Oh I'm screaming out
And my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed aside or turned
Into your own
All 'cause you won't listen

Listen, I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say what's on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own

I don't know where I belong
But I'll be moving on
If you don't, if you won't

Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start, but I will complete

Now I am done believing you
You don't know not what I am feeling
I'm more than what you've made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me

But now I got to find my own, my own

Comment from : fardan nedoeci

Ulfah Mualafah
Adakah orang Indonesia yg mampir kesini gara2 liat video ini di ig?
Comment from : Ulfah Mualafah

Rome Calderon Lee
Moan oh. Daw tanga ?
Comment from : Rome Calderon Lee

Rome Calderon Lee
Hearts daw...tanga ?
Comment from : Rome Calderon Lee

1:35 - 1:47 I love it 😍❤❤❤
Comment from : Claudia_xx

Omg I can't belive 😱 so amazing 😍😃
Comment from : Claudia_xx

Niken Dorote Zsa Zsa Khoirunisa
yaAllah bagus banget
Comment from : Niken Dorote Zsa Zsa Khoirunisa

Asela Yeps
Oo my god.......... I really enjoy with this song may god bless u all brothers ☺☺
Comment from : Asela Yeps

Suthin Rodkaew
Comment from : Suthin Rodkaew

Yully Laurika
Comment from : Yully Laurika

Athirah Hasan
Omggg i think im falling in love with them ! Such a amazing voice and so cute ! 🤣😭💋👏🏻❤️🙉
Comment from : Athirah Hasan

Lais Barros
Comment from : Lais Barros

ray ray
Fuckkk , yeahhh . . Awesome 😍
Comment from : ray ray

Dicky Amin
Comment from : Dicky Amin

Nugraha Tri
Oh ni
Comment from : Nugraha Tri

y a
Comment from : y a

Arceli Pesigan
Sana matangap sila sa Asia's Got Talent🙊
Comment from : Arceli Pesigan

Regine Eufraxia
Comment from : Regine Eufraxia

dyan nurilah
Dengar lagu yang mereka bawakan kok terharu ya..😢😢 bangganya anak2 punya talenta begini 😍😍
Comment from : dyan nurilah

Ashia Spence
Omg I love there voice you boys are soo talented keep it up😊☺👑👑👑
Comment from : Ashia Spence

yu yuyu
Comment from : yu yuyu

Valee Enriquez
WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Amazing voice
Comment from : Valee Enriquez

Tulip Ungu
Comment from : Tulip Ungu

i need tae for my jungshook self
I’m dying
Comment from : i need tae for my jungshook self

I predict the middle one will go solo
Comment from : GOD OF OWL

Ashley Silverman
I don't really have words at all. I had chills the whole time. This was truly amazing!!! Keep it up 👍
Comment from : Ashley Silverman

Florenza Audrey
i got goosebumps
Comment from : Florenza Audrey

Sugiman Sinu
So beutiful😗😗
Comment from : Sugiman Sinu

Sugiman Sinu
You a the best🤗🤗🤗
Comment from : Sugiman Sinu

Blood Queen Alice
Oh Lord!
Comment from : Blood Queen Alice

Wakiki Demore
Before the show, the middle one ate the gummy worm that belonged to the one of the right.
It makes so much more sense now.

Comment from : Wakiki Demore

Kouamé Armand Kouamé
Its incredible!!😱😱😱😱😱😱
Comment from : Kouamé Armand Kouamé

paris Hilton
Comment from : paris Hilton

Puipuee Tuan 131
Comment from : Puipuee Tuan 131

Marietine Nepoleon
Thats the best thing iv ever heard
Comment from : Marietine Nepoleon

Qualquer Um
Comment from : Qualquer Um

sjsjdj xxxyxxx
Oh my Gosh😨 That's unbelievable ❤️❤️❤️😭😭
Comment from : sjsjdj xxxyxxx

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